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A deeper understanding and Akashic Records

A deeper understanding and Akashic Records

Right now, there is a huge new sensation about Akashic records. 
You’ll find that a lot of people are being drawn into Akashic 
records as a way for them to heal. You’ll find that a lot 
of people use the knowledge in order to feel safe and 
secure about their future. 
They also find that these practices are almost a 
remedy for anxious feelings. 
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Herbal Sleep Aids

Herbal Sleep Aids For Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is defined as difficulty in sleeping, or 
disturbed sleep patterns leaving the perception of 
insufficient sleep. There are many herbs with reputations 
as being effective sleep remedies. The key to successful 
treatment of insomnia is to find the cause. 
If you do not want to take prescription sleep medication, 
then there are a plethora of holistic medicines available to you.

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction exists in your life right now; whether you understand it or not, whether you know it or not, and whether you like it or not. Until you learn to use the Law of Attraction in a deliberate way, most of the time you are not aware that you are attracting into your life-more of-whatever you are giving your focus, attention, and energy to. This is referred to as non-deliberate attraction. It can be described in a 4-step cycle: Continue reading “The Law of Attraction”

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical capabilities. Even my mother, who was in a wheelchair as the result of polio could do some of the movements.

The modern world is fast paced, and yet we sit around a lot, don’t we? While modern technology makes our lives easier, we are slowly as a culture losing the regular muscle tone that would come with regular labour-now we go to the gym, if we remember to or don’t get bored with it.

We now experience a wide range of health problems including circulatory, headaches, high blood pressure and chronic back and neck pain, and most of it is a result of the jobs we perform.

Tai Chi is about massage-like movements and stretching, in a nutshell. The long term effects of the daily practice of Tai Chi produces reduced tension, increased strength and stamina, and flexibility. When proper circulation is restored, Taoist Tai Chi teaches that the body will begin to heal itself, restoring proper function of the muscles, ligaments, and even organs. In time, you will begin to notice a change in the entire physiology of the body.

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Angels are all around us.   


Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by heavenly beings that are here to help you. Not only do they want to help you, their purpose in your life is to help you in every area.

Life is not an “every man for himself” endeavor. You can certainly live that way if you choose, but not enjoy the spiritual gifts that heaven has for you?

Angels are the heavenly embodiment of God’s energy sent to us from heaven. They love and assist us our entire lives. Before we’re born, we set a life plan for ourselves containing the lessons we are to learn in this life and on a soul level.

Your life plan is precisely what, where and with whom you are meant to be. There’s nothing in life more fulfilling than being on course with your life purpose, or your soul plan.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a millionaire, a business owner, or a parent – living your life path in this lifetime according to exactly how you planned it before you were born is by far the greatest gift and most successful accomplishment you can achieve in this lifetime.   Continue reading “TALKING WITH YOUR ANGELS”