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Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical capabilities. Even my mother, who was in a wheelchair as the result of polio could do some of the movements.

The modern world is fast paced, and yet we sit around a lot, don’t we? While modern technology makes our lives easier, we are slowly as a culture losing the regular muscle tone that would come with regular labour-now we go to the gym, if we remember to or don’t get bored with it.

We now experience a wide range of health problems including circulatory, headaches, high blood pressure and chronic back and neck pain, and most of it is a result of the jobs we perform.

Tai Chi is about massage-like movements and stretching, in a nutshell. The long term effects of the daily practice of Tai Chi produces reduced tension, increased strength and stamina, and flexibility. When proper circulation is restored, Taoist Tai Chi teaches that the body will begin to heal itself, restoring proper function of the muscles, ligaments, and even organs. In time, you will begin to notice a change in the entire physiology of the body.

If you need facts and documented evidence, Tai Chi is moderate cardiovascular exercise and is one of the few that can be preformed by anyone. The exercise and movements can be done from a sitting position or a bed. It also helps the immune system by regulating it, and makes a huge difference in posture, aligning the spine and reducing degeneration. Tai Chi is a weight bearing exercise-your own-and can help maintain bone density. This is especially helpful if you are a woman with a genetic predisposition of Osteoporosis.

It takes around four months to learn the set of movements associated with the Taoist Tai Chi. The instructors will demonstrate and then stick with the class until everyone is comfortable with the movements. Because they are slow and deliberate, the movements are quite easy to learn.

Unlike other exercise classes you may find at your gym (you know the ones with someone who has a perfect body on either side of you), you do not have to be in great shape to begin to practice Tai Chi. Anyone of any age or shape can learn the movements.

You can find a class near you by searching their world site online, the instructor is a member of the Taoist Tai Chi Society, and does not get paid for their time. They are volunteers who must pass a certification class and adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the society. Any fee you will pay is for your dues as a member of the society, and so it is very important that you join an actual branch of the society, that way you are a member of the entire society, and can take classes in any town (or nation) you happen to be traveling in. Membership fees change according to your situation. There are special fees for students and the elderly, and financial hardship scholarships are available.